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PIZZA FRACTIONS   Ranked a top 100 iPad education app in the United States, March 2015, Pizza Fractions 1 offers a simple, visually-based introduction to fractions for elementary school kids.  

Pizza Fractions 2 and 3 allow more advanced students to practice reducing, converting and comparing simple fractions in the same entertaining environment.  

Recently released, Pizza Fractions 4 through 7 introduce the skills addition and subtraction of fractions using our proven format.

CHEM LAB   Featured on the App Store "Apps for Learning Chemistry" October 2011, Chem Lab offers high school students a chance to build simple chemical compounds in an approachable game-like environment.

MATH FORCE DELTA   This math skills practice game for 9 - 13 year olds features space aliens, exploding rockets, and performance feedback for students.  Wanna see Math Force Delta in action?  Click here to see an independent review and video!

BONE SCAN BOB   Ranked a top 100 education app in the United States, December 2009, Bone Scan Bob offers a ridiculously fun introduction to skeletal anatomy for elementary school kids.

GEOMETRY COMBAT   Featured on the App Store "Apps for Middle School", August 2013, Geometry Combat enables students to practice applying geometric area formulas in an entertaining environment with a cage fight theme.  

ZOMBIES VS. EXPONENTS   With firing cannons, sinking ships, and a zombie pirate theme, Zombies vs. Exponents helps students grades 5 - 8 develop confidence using scientific notation in an approachable environment with a game-like feel.

ZOMBIE GRAMMAR FORCE   Another "Apps for Middle School" feature, Zombie Grammar Force has students match randomized word examples with the appropriate parts of speech.  Click here to see a review and video on kidsiphoneappreview.com.

MONKEY DRILLS   Our Monkey Drills series offer speed and accuracy math drills similar to those used in modern elementary classrooms in a colorful, easy to use, format for iPhone and iPad.

NUMBERLINE FROG   With an animated frog that hops along an interactive numberline and outrageous cartoon sounds, Numberline Frog helps children ages 3 - 6 transition from fingercounting to kindergarten syle math in a playful setting. 

PERIODIC TABLE SHOOT 'EM UP   This simple application is designed for students who find the periodic table of elements intimidating on first introduction.  They gain familiarity and confidence through shooting gallery style gameplay.

MUSCLE SCAN MIKE   Modeled after our popular Bone Scan Bob application, Muscle Scan Mike offers a ridiculously fun introduction to muscular anatomy for elementary and middle school kids.

ALIEN TOUR GUIDE:  AFRICA   With space aliens and flying saucers, this free application helps students learn to locate countries on the African continent through repetition in a simple game.  We also have similar applications for South America and the United States.

ALGEBRA CHAMP   This free application offers introductory level algebra skills practice for middle school students with timed rounds, high scores, and a cage fight theme.

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